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Sailing in Friesland [Video]


In Dutch history, sailing plays an important role. Famous explorers like Abel Tasman and Willem Barentsz sailed across the world, discovering new territories. Later, the Dutch would use their massive fleets of sailing boats to start trading routes, causing what is now known as the ‘Golden Age’ of Holland.

It is no surprise that sailing is still an important part of the Dutch culture nowadays.


If you want to go sailing in the Netherlands, the best location is definitely the northern province of Friesland. With it’s abundance of lakes and perfect wind conditions, one can experience some top-notch sailing here. It’s also a very beginner-friendly location.

We go sailing in Friesland almost every year, with a group of friends. We rent a couple of boats (polyvalken), spend the day on the water and camp in the evening. This year we captured some nice action shots of our trip. We even mounted a GoPro up in the mast.

The lakes we sailed across in this video: de Morra, de Fluessen and the Heegermeer.

Do you want to go sailing in Friesland yourself? There are a lot of sailing schools to choose from in the area. Most schools also offer boat rentals (if you already know how to sail). We rented our boats at sailing school de Morra

Film Gear used: Panasonic GH4 & GoPro Hero 4


Nick verzorgt het merendeel van de video- en fotografie voor Wingspreader Travel, maar hij schrijft daarnaast ook. Naast deze blog runt hij een videoproductiebedrijf: Finch Media.