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Bako National Park [Video]


In the south-western corner of Malaysian Borneo lies Bako National Park. This unique nature park is known for its great variety of flora and fauna and is definitely worth a visit.
In Bako National Park, the jungle meets the ocean. This means you can admire sandstone cliffs and tropical beaches, but also a mangrove forest and dense jungle.

Proboscis Monkeys

Bako National Park Proboscis Monkeys

The most famous residents of Bako are the rare Proboscis monkeys, found only on Borneo. In addition, the park is home to far more animals, including many other species of monkeys, but also wild boars, snakes, and the remarkable colugo.

How to get to Bako National Park

Bako National Park Video

Bako National Park is best reached from the city of Kuching, where you can take a bus to Kampong Bako. From here you can book a boat, which will bring you to the park headquarters in 20 minutes. Be prepared for a rough ride!


There are several hiking trails through the park, all of which start at the park headquarters. The routes vary in length and cater to different levels of fitness. They range from 30 minutes to 7 hours.

So, will you be visiting Southern Malaysian Borneo? Then make sure to plan a day trip to Bako National Park!


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